18 07 2009

Yes, you are mad at me for not updating for a forever probably…  Just so you know, I will be updating more regularly in a few weeks.  I mean, hardly anyone ever reads this anyways, but I’m working on updating again… 

I’m thinking of having a question of the month just so I can hear from anyone who reads this because it’s no fun posting things up here if noone reads or even cares.  And that, my friends is what I’m afraid of.  If I ever finish my book and get it published, my bigest fear is that noone will read it…  I wont blame people for not reading it, because it will be my fault, not theirs…  Well, I have to go now, there’s a lot to be done today!  (NOT)  I guess I will see what happens, so fare ye well!!!

Your pirate(???), The Cheerful Emo~

Expieriences in the world today… 0.o

30 05 2009

Ah, summer is here…  Beaches, Malls, Partys…  The list is almost endless, just like the heat.  Although, the heat from the sun is almost better than the heat I expierienced today.  I am speaking of the heat that eminates (almost) from the Laundraumat.  Yes, today I went to the Laundraumat.  I almost don’t know where to begin!  It’s just so hot!  The dryers that dont work properly leak out hot air, and when they don’t get the clothes dry they leave plenty of steam.  Not to mention that the Laundraumat is so boring that you just sit there having nothing to do in all of the steamy hotness, watching the little kids run around and climb on chairs and the mothers yell and shout as the TV blares “Sponge Bob Square Pants!”.  And please don’t start me on the vending maschenes that only sell fatty foods.  To top it all off, you can’t find the bathroom without wandering around the place at least three times…  I don’t know why the Laundraumat bugged me so much today.  It may be because I was trying to finish a book and every thing in there was so loud today!  Oh well…  We’ll try again next week.

Your headache, The Cheerful Emo


27 05 2009

So, my lovely readers who probably should be mad at me right now, hello again.  I know that I did not update when I promised, but look on the bright side: I’m done packing and moving for another ten weeks!  That is translated into, “I have time to work on my book! 🙂 “.  Well, It’s not ALL for working because, I’m in a play!  (Yay me!  Even without school I’m booked!)  It’s the Community Theater Summer Production of “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare.  My part is Celia, The cousin of Rosalind.  (It makes me happy!  <3)  So, that is my summer as far as I know other than an eye doctor appointment(because I might have ruined one of my eyes…  -_-) and a dentist appointment…  I guess I better get started!  I’ll have more for you whenever I get around to it!  See ya!

Your Celia, The Cheerful Emo~


15 04 2009

Story time!  We were going to the post office to pay our taxes and it hit me, I DIDN’T UPDATE!!!  So I had to fight sleep and the owner of the laptop and now this is at least the 12th time I’ve almost gone to sleep while typing, so I’ll update again tomorrow…  sorry!!!

your sleepy, The Cheerful Emo

Someone had a…

11 04 2009


Today is my birthday!  Joijoi!  Well, today, I’m going to be updating “Stained Figure”.  It’s early, but I haven’t updated for a month!!!  The good thing is that we finished packing.  I’m staying in my aunts room untill this school semester is over.  I’m at my Oma’s (Grandmas) house.  My Oma has two dogs and I think that they might have double personalities!  When she’s here, they won’t stop barking, and when she’s not, they don’t bark at all!  And they are always sheding!

Anyways, I’m going to try to update today, so I need to go over my draft.  Thanks for reading if anyone reads this!  🙂

Happy, happy!  The Cheerful Emo!


3 03 2009

Yes, yes, I know.  I’m horrible because I missed the first…  Updating is hard when you have a very busy life.  Sometimes, I see this now more than ever, I just don’t have time to type an explanation of my life.  I have been sick for the past few days, and I’ve been running around and spreading my germs…  It’s horrible, I know.  But sometimes things need to be done!  Anyways, I’ll write some more on “Stained figure” sometime soon if I have the time and…  life goes on.

Your smell-less procrastinator,

The Cheerful Emo!


19 02 2009

It slips away from me!

I will not be updating “Stained Figure” this month because I have been delayed and have not had time to write anything but idle poetry late at night.  I have been packing because I’m moving to Virginia.  Oh, joy.  You might be able to tell, but if you can’t I’ll tell you.  I HATE PACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  <-To say the least.

I may post a poem later today, but other than small posts, I will not be updating.  Be on time next month!  ^-^

Your Loli,

The Cheerful Emo!